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Usage of the Scan New England Website

The information at the Scan New England website (hereafter known as SNE) is PUBLIC DOMAIN and free for your PERSONAL USE. If you decide to post information you have obtained at SNE at another website and/or your own website you agree to list SNE as the source of your information and provide a link to the actual information. Expect to hear from the webmaster if material from this website is used without such an acknowledgment. Information from this website is defined as the message forums, the portal pages, the Wiki, the Scan New England Logbook, and the live scanner feed. Use of this material by commercial entities and by individuals who seek profit or personal gain is prohibited without express permission from the webmaster. While this may not be enforceable by law, flagrant violators will be banned from the entirety of the website. That said, anyone who feels that they must leech information from this site for such purposes, and does not at least ask to do so, is encouraged to make a donation to the site. Donations in their entirety are put back into the website. I receive no monetary compensation for this site, it is offered free by scanner hobbyists for scanner hobbyists. Considering you are getting information from this site that other sites might charge a fee for, you are encouraged to donate.

Privacy Statement

Any personal information you provide to SNE, such as e-mail addresses and/or Instant Messenger type identifications will never be divulged or sold to a third party/commercial entity. This does not include the possibility that web-bots can potentially crawl this site and harvest such information. The information you entered during registration is encrypted; you are encouraged for your own protection not to list your e-mail specifically in any material or messages. Instead consider using me AT me DOT com instead of to avoid being victimized by the aforementioned bots.


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