Amazon Fullfillment Center Fall River

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Amazon Fullfillment Center

  • Innovation Way, Fall River
  • Uses a set of conventional UHF MotoTrbo repeaters
  • Actual usage of frequencies needs to be ID'ed.
  • Talkgroup-Slot convention matches other facilities around the country
  • WQXM229

Frequency Type Color Code Use Confirmation
461.1000 R C07 SL:1 TG:6100 (CH01) Business Office Ops 2019.04.08 W1KNE
461.1000 R C07 SL:2 TG:6200 (CH02)
463.3125 R C08 SL:1 TG:6300 (CH03)
463.3125 R C08 SL:2 TG:6400 (CH04) Facilities 2019.03.30 W1KNE
463.7000 R C09 SL:1 TG:6500 (CH05) Equipment Maintenance 2019.03.29 W1KNE
463.7000 R C09 SL:2 TG:6600 (CH06) Office Administration 2019.04.05 W1KNE
464.0625 R C10 SL:1 TG:6700 (CH07) Amazon Warehouse 2019.03.29 W1KNE
464.0625 R C10 SL:2 TG:6800 (CH08) Warehouse Conveyor Type Ops 2019.03.29 W1KNE
464.0750 R C11 SL:1 TG:6900 (CH09) Employee Operations 2019.03.29 W1KNE
464.0750 R C11 SL:2 TG:7000 (CH10)
464.0875 R C12 SL:1 TG:7100 (CH11) Delivery-Shipping Truck Coordination 2019.04.05 W1KNE
464.0875 R C12 SL:2 TG:7200 (CH12) -
464.2125 R C13 SL:1 TG:7300 (CH13)
464.2125 R C13 SL:2 TG:7400 (CH14)
464.6625 R C14 SL:1 TG:7500 (CH15) Amazon Warehouse - Almost all in Spanish 2019.03.29 W1KNE
464.6625 R C14 SL:2 TG:7600 (CH16) Amazon Warehouse - Janitors/Water Cleanup 2019.04.08 W1KNE