Commercial Trunks In Our Area

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Directory of Commercial and Private Trunks in Our Area

  • While the majority of these are in Massachusetts, some bridge multiple states.

Trunks City/State(s) Flavor Notes
All-Comm MotoTrbo Systems Multiple sites in MA DMR Capacity Plus
Amazon Fullfillment Center Fall River Fall River, MA DMR Conventional Not Trunked but has own page due to size of system.
Amica Insurance Corp. Lincoln, RI DMR Capacity Plus
Applied Communications LTR MA LTR Moving to DMR
Biogen Inc Cambridge, MA DMR Capacity Plus Former LTR
Boston Marriott Quincy Quincy, MA DMR Capacity Plus
Comtronics UHF MotoTrbo MA DMR MotoTrbo
Comtronics 900Mhz MotoTrbo MA DMR Connect Plus
County Communications LTR MA, ME, NH LTR Migrating to NXDN
County Communications MA, NH NEXEDGE 96
Data Radio Management MotoTrbo Trunk MA, NH DMR Capacity Plus
Dell EMC Trunk Network MA DMR Capacity Plus
Dispatch Communications LTR MA, NH LTR AKA Metro Repeater Service
ESPN Bristol, CT Nexedge 48
Gillette Stadium Foxboro, MA Capacity Plus
Industrial Communications And Electronics (ICE) (Analog legacy) MA, ME, NH, RI LTR Analog Offline per SNE Forums
Industrial Communications and Electronics MotoTrbo Systems (ICE) (MotoTrbo) MA, ME, NH, RI DMR Connect Plus
Marcus Spectrum CT LTR, DMR TierIII, DMR XPT
New Bridge On Charles Dedham, MA DMR Capacity Plus
One Voice CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT DMR Connect Plus
RDC Communications MA, RI NEXEDGE 48
Radio Phone Communications RI NEXEDGE 48
Stop And Shop Warehouse Assonet (Freetown), MA Capacity Plus
Tower Communications LTR MA LTR
UMass Health Alliance Clinton, Fitchburg, Leominster, MA DMR