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Databases at Scan New England

Scan New England has three different databases that provide the bulk of frequency information available. Two of them are interactive, one is search only. They are as follows.

  • Quicklists - The "heart" of the Scan New England Wiki includes public safety and other frequency information listed by county for all of the six states in the New England area.
  • Scan New England Logbook - A searchable database that can be searched by any of multiple criteria with data returned in table format.
  • New England FCC Database - A searchable database that is updated roughly every month with data direct from the FCC's General Menu Reports. The data within covers 30-960 MHz and lists all current private land mobile licenses. This database can also be searched by any combination of single or multiple criteria with results returned in database format.
  • Scanner File Downloads - Programming files for scanners, receivers, and transceivers that are programmable via software.