SNE Member Amateur Radio Operator Database

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  • List of active amateur radio operators that are also SNE members.
  • Designed for easy access and sorting in order to facilitate communication between members.
  • Info gathered primarily from this thread at the SNE Forums.
Callsign SNE Username First Name City or Town State D-Star Info DMR Info P25 Info NXDN Info Fusion Info VHF/UHF Analog Info HF Info Miscellaneous Info Date of Info
KC1UA Scott SNE Webmaster Scott Marstons Mills MA KB1ZEG-C, REF050C, REF069B NE1B-R Eastham, scanning regional TG's and 145.7900 Simplex 146.5200 Simplex 2016.02.25
N1KUG ecps92 Bill So. Weymouth MA - - Yes - - Yes No MMRA 2018.12.22
W1KNE W1KNE Mike Taunton MA - - - - - 146.5950 (107.2) Simplex - - 2016.02.29
KB1VLA schwab Jacob So. Berwick ME - Usually monitoring TAC-310 or N. America (TG 3) - - - W1ASS-R (443.85, +5 MHz, 88.5 Hz - - 2016.03.01