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  • 155.9025 D065 FD
  • 156.1575 D271 FD
  • 155.9550 D065 PD
  • 155.9475 D065 PD

This is a test

This is a second part to the above test

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Quick List Template

Template:NE_Quicklist_Header Template:Quicklist_Header

Test of Collapse

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Item 2 is here
Item 3 is here

One Equal

Two Equals

Two Equals w Bold

Three Equals

Three Equals w Bold

    • Makes BOLD in TOC only

  • Font Size +2
  • Font Size +3
  • Font Size +4
  • Font Size -2

Signature test

This is me testing this function. W1KNE (talk) 21:25, 29 April 2020 (EDT)


This is the SMALLER table
Smaller (Using Font-2)
This is a SMALL table
This is the SMALLMED Table
Small-Medium Table
This is the HALF table
This is a Medium table
This is a Large/Pretty table
Large/Pretty Table
This is the PAGELIST

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