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Welcome to the Wiki Test Area

  • You need to have an account at Scan Massachusetts to edit pages
  • In order to test, you need to create a page
  • Edit this page and create a link to a page, naming it whatever you choose
  • Consult the User's Guide for more information

Create the link

  • Start with two brackets " [[ "
  • Type a page name, ie. "My Wiki Page",
  • Close the link with two brackets in the other direction: " ]] "
  • You can then save this page and click on the link to your new page
  • Feel free to then create your page as you like and learn all about the Wiki language

Common Syntax

  • To create a bullet (as this list is) use a star: " * "
  • To create a headline, use two equal signs: " == "
  • To BOLD text, use three apostrophes: " "
  • For text in italics, use two apostrophes: " "
  • You can also use some HTML coding

Test Pages